Calling, Defined

When we say ‘calling,’ what do we mean?

As Christians we believe that God calls us in special and unique ways. ‘Calling’ is sometimes used interchangeably with vocation, mission, passion, pursuit, career, and ‘reason for being’.

Some denominations and faith backgrounds refer to a calling as the pull to go into ordained ministry, but in the Timothy Circle we use the term more broadly to mean anything that is your ‘God-given sense of purpose,’ even if just to a single action.

The important thing to remember is that calling is not a clear map or a set script that we follow. Rather, it’s a compass that continues to point us in the right direction.  The more we check in with God about our calling, the more confident we’ll be that we’re moving in the right direction.

Primary and Secondary Callings

As Christians, we all have a primary calling to live as faithful disciples of Jesus. When we come against a difficult decision, we first ask questions such as, “How do I follow the examples of Christ?” or “What would help bring the kingdom of God here on Earth?”

The second level of calling is figuring out how our unique personalities, gifts, and strengths can be used to further the kingdom of God on Earth.  That can be a career — whether that be as a plumber, medical doctor, missionary, engineer, construction, janitor, church leader, or anything else.  It can also be a relationship you nurture, a way you spend your volunteer time, or even a single action you undertake because you felt God leading you to do it.


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