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Call Stories

  • CALLED series videos (Call stories to lay ministry, pastoral ministry, and servant ministry; scroll to bottom of page to download)
  • The Listening Chair podcast (stories of how laypeople feel God moving in their own lives)
  • Lives Explored video project (Call stories collected by the Collegeville Institute; includes call stories from non-Christian faiths)
  • Called to Be… (a collection of call stories from people serving in a wide variety of fields, collected by Student Christian Movement)

Worship Resources for Culture of Call

Learning About Gen Z

What Is ‘Call’?

The Timothy Circle hosts resources and opportunities from a variety of faith perspectives.  We all have something to contribute!  But be aware that some of those perspectives may not match your own – especially in the areas of who should and shouldn’t preside in worship.  We trust you to do the research to know which resources and opportunities are the best fit for you.


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