Explorer Resources

Discernment (Call-Clarifying) Resources

Spiritual Gifts & Strengths Inventories

Call Stories

  • Listening Chair podcast (interviews with Christians working in a wide variety of careers and volunteer positions about how and why they felt called to them)
  • CALLED series videos (scroll to bottom of page. Call stories to lay ministry, pastoral ministry, and servant ministry)
  • From Here to There (a 28-page full-color graphic novel that tells the story of John, Naomi and Sam as they try to figure out living a life with purpose.)

Conversations with Adults in Your Life

  • Talking with your parents about Call
  • 5 Cups of Coffee (a resource to guide you through conversations about call with an adult mentor) This resource may be reproduced, shared, and/or adapted to meet the needs of the user. Contact 5cups@greatplainsumc.org for more information.

Leadership Resources

  • Youth Can Lead Now (free, downloadable book that provides eight sessions on biblical leadership principles. Each session is meant to be a conversation space between Youth and Adults.)

Experiential Opportunities

Want to dive into an experience to help you clarify where God might be calling you? Try one of these paid summer internships working in poor and marginalized communities in the United States.  You’ll work, live in community with other program interns, and receive additional vocational training.

The Timothy Circle hosts resources and opportunities from a variety of faith perspectives.  We all have something to contribute!  But be aware that some of those perspectives may not match your own – especially in the areas of who should and shouldn’t preside in worship.  We trust you to do the research to know which resources and opportunities are the best fit for you.


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