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All over the country, lay mentors, parents, churches, Christian camps, campus ministries, and other ministry organizations are forming new connections through the Timothy Circle and are working with one another to help young people listen for God’s voice and follow Gods’ call.

This page gives resources to those in the Church (especially pastors, young workers, and other laypeople) to help them be a part of the Timothy Circle network and support a sense of calling and God-given purpose in young people.

How We Define 'Call'

Different faith backgrounds have different ways of understanding call.  Here’s what we mean in the Timothy Circle.

Supporter Resources

Resources and ideas to help you support the young people in your circle listen for God’s voice.

Action Checklist

Actionable steps you can take to help support the faith development of young people and their ability to listen for God’s voice.

Trail Guide

Are you helping young people walk through the call discernment Trail Guide?  Access it here after logging in.

Call Discernment Trail Guide

Our online Trail Guide helps young people discern their call from God.  They can do it on their own, but they’ll do better with the support of an adult.  Access the Trail Guide here to follow along on the journey.

Trail Facilitator Notes for Adults

You can support a young person or group of young people as they work through the content of the online Trail Guide by meeting with them regularly.  But what do you talk about?  We’ve got you covered.  Our Facilitator Notes will give you discussion topics, closing prayers for each meeting, and more.

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