What is the Timothy Circle?

The Timothy Circle is a network of adults, churches and ministries joined together to nurture faith and calling in young people.

It’s also an online resource for young people (ages 14-24) trying to discern God’s voice and direction in their lives.

Resources for every person in the network

God calls us all in many ways, and we all have a part to play in helping young people respond to God’s call.  The Timothy Circle supports each player.

Roadmap for Discerning Call

With so many career options and so many resources, where do you start?  The Timothy Circle guides young people through easy-to-complete steps to help them discern the direction God is nudging them. View the demo or watch a video about how it works!

Curated Resources

Cut through the noise and find websites, books, podcasts and videos that go deep and actually help you (or a young person in your life) figure out how to hear God’s voice.

Mentor Training

Adults, you have valuable experience and insight to offer young people. Gain the confidence to share a conversation about faith and career with a young person.

Culture of Call Training

Make it clear that your church or ministry cares about the lives of young people in your midst. Learn what makes a difference, and what makes less of a difference than you think.

What’s in it for me?

I'm a Young Person

We define “young person” as someone 14-24 years old.

I'm a Parent

You’re the parent or guardian of a 14-24 year old.

I'm a Non-Parent Supporter

You care about the faith of young people.

I Represent a Ministry

Your ministry serves young Christians.

Who’s behind the Timothy Circle?

The Timothy Circle is a project of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship, which has roots in United Methodism.  We aim to be a resource to all Christians, regardless of denomination.

Why 'Timothy'?

The Timothy Circle takes its name from the relationship between Timothy and Paul in the New Testament.  Paul mentors Timothy, entrusting him with important leadership work in his faith community.  Timothy proves that no matter your background, your age, or your fears, great things can be accomplished when you follow Christ.

What do we mean by 'call'?

Different faith backgrounds have different ways of understanding call.  Here’s what we mean in the Timothy Circle. Click to read more…

What does this cost?

In a word…. Nothing!

Most of the resources on this site are absolutely free to access anytime, anywhere.  There are a few supplemental trainings and leader materials that have an additional charge.  These fees support the ongoing work of the Timothy Circle and the creation of additional resources for you!

We’ve organized the site to give you access to customized resources, activities, and connections.  Find the area that fits you best below!

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Young People

Figuring out what to do with your life can be overwhelming, and you have enough on your plate already. The Timothy Circle provides the support and resources young Christians deserve so you can explore the best options for a life that blends your faith with your passions.  We define ‘young person’ as someone 14-24 years old.

A woman and daughter


We’re constantly creating resources to help you support the young people in your life as they navigate their faith journey.  Talking with your teenage son or daughter about their call?  Want to know what you can do to support your child?  We can help.

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Become a Mentor

You want to make a difference and support young people. We’ve created a 3-week take-from-anywhere training that gives you the skills and a plan for guiding young people in their walk with God.

female pastor in robe

Pastors, youth workers, and other adults

Trying to create a church culture that supports call?  We’ve collected resources to make talking about calling in worship, youth group, and at church a little easier.

Church, Campus Ministry, and Camp Leaders

Ensure you’re doing all you can to produce strong Christians (and strong Christian leaders) from your church, camp, or campus ministry. Enroll in our Culture of the Call training!


We also rely on support from people like you


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