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Trail Journals

The online Timothy Circle Trail Guide requires students to have a place to record their thoughts and notes as they work through the Trail.  Why not give them a special place to record their notes?

What it is:

The Trail Journal notebooks feature blank pages for young people to record their thoughts as they work along the trail.  With the link to the Trail Guide printed right on them, young people will always remember where to go to continue working along the Trail.

Facilitator Notes

If you’d like to help lead a young person or group of young people through the online Timothy Circle Trail Guide, our downloadable Facilitator Notes can help!

What it includes:

The digital 50-page Facilitator Notes includes both preparation materials and a group meeting outline for each of the 20 Trail Markers along the Timothy Circle Trail Guide.  Each marker has an introductory thought, discussion questions, and a closing prayer, as well as a Facilitator Tip and a Marker summary to help you prepare for each meeting.

We also include usage ideas to help you decide how to most effectively use the Facilitator Notes in your setting.


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