You care about young people.  So do we.

Our 2-week online training gives you the skills to guide young people in their walk with God.

Take it from a young person:

“When I was trying to figure this call stuff out, it would have been helpful to have someone just come alongside me and initiate that mentor relationship. That would have made me feel a little more supported and would have been an affirmation of the call placed on my life.”

– Erynn

Make a difference in a young person’s life:

1. Choose the training course dates that best fit your schedule.
2. Complete the two-week online training.
3. Be recognized in your church as a trained mentor.
4. Start mentoring a young person!

This easy-paced, 2-week online training costs just $30

helping hand

Other Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

Library of Resources

Completing the Timothy Circle mentor training is just the first step.  We guide you along your entire mentoring journey so you’ll never feel at a loss for what to do next or how to do it.

Join Our Community

With the Timothy Circle, you’re not alone. You join a community of other trained mentors. Get help from other mentors through our quarterly newsletter.

Increase Your Own Faith

Mentors say over and over that their own faith and sense of purpose has increased as they mentor young people.

51 Adults

just like you have already completed our mentor training.

A woman and daughter

Learn how to talk to teenagers and become the ‘cool adult’

You want to make a difference. You believe raising up a new generation of Christians is important. You know the church will shrink unless young people stay involved.

But it’s hard to reach out to young people if you don’t know what to say.

Gain tools and resources that help you talk to young people and mentor them in their faith and call.

Others helped you grow in faith.  Now help the next generation.

Pass on the gifts you were given and help young people chart their course in life alongside God. You’ll be fanning the flames of a lifetime of discipleship.

You’ll also be fulfilling Jesus’ call to make disciples.  Jesus called Paul. Paul called Timothy. Who are you calling to follow God?  True disciples reach out and help others along the path of faith.

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