The Timothy Circle Team

The Timothy Circle was created by a team of people who are passionate about young people hearing God’s voice and finding a sense of purpose and direction that gives them life. Here are a few of our key players.

Steve Wilke

Steve is the executive director of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship.  His passion and vision is what drives the Timothy Circle.

Britt Bradley

Britt works with Steve to make the Timothy Circle a reality. She sees how all the pieces fit together and drives the content, approach, look, feel, and user experience of the project.

Teryl Cartwright

Teryl teaches the online Timothy Circle Mentoring course, which help Christian adults form mentoring relationships to help guide young people through their faith development and call discernment journey, and the Culture of the Call courses that help camps, campus ministries, and churches find ways to support ‘call’ at an institution-wide level.

Jen Burch

Jen works with Christian camps and camping organizations to help them join the Timothy Circle and is one of our Timothy Circle Connectors.

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