Ignite God’s call in the hearts of young people.

Unique trainings for Camps, Churches, and Campus Ministries

Benefits of Being Trained

Join Our Community

With the Timothy Circle, you’re not alone. You join a community of other churches, campus ministries, and camps that are committed to creating a better internal culture. Continue learning from each other our Culture of Call forums and quarterly newsletter.

Library of Resources

Completing the Timothy Circle Culture of Call training is just the first step.  We guide you along your entire journey so you’ll never feel at a loss for what to do next or how to do it.

Increase Excitement in Your Ministry

When your congregation or ministry talks about call and supports the call of others, everyone benefits. When everyone thinks about how God is moving, amazing things happen!

Each easy-paced, 3-week training costs just $45

Culture of the Call in Churches

There are so many things churches can do to encourage young people to listen for God’s voice in their lives! How many is your church doing?

Culture of the Call for Camps & Retreats

Add conversation about Call to your camping and retreats toolbox.  Make it clear to your  campers that God is moving in their lives even now.

Culture of the Call in Campus Ministry

Students deeply think about their call while in Campus Ministry. Make sure you’re prepared to give them the tools they need.

Each easy-paced, 3-week training costs just $45

Next Actions

1. Sign up for a training that fits your schedule.
2. Integrate what you learn into your ministry.
3. Feel the increased energy and excitement as people respond to God’s spirit!

What do we mean by 'call'?

Different faith backgrounds have different ways of understanding call.
Here’s what we mean in the Timothy Circle.

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