by Teryl Cartwright, instructor of the Timothy Circle mentor training


  • Find out what your church offers already. For example, does your church have Timothy Circle trained mentors or a program that matches teens (or young people) to retirees?
  • Talk to other parents about mentors to understand what to expect and see what benefits their children experienced. Remember that each experience is different though.
  • Discuss people your child admires or looks up to in the church or community and find out why.
  • Ask your child what they hope a mentor can help them become or do. Help them pray for this person and thank God for the future kindness and listening this person will offer.
  • If you are helping your child invite someone to mentor them, work with your child to practice what they might say and what you will say. Discuss what questions a person who is being invited to mentor might have and rehearse how to respond.


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