by Lori Richey, former youth director

Parents can support young people in their church by serving on teams and committees where programmatic decisions are made. Here are some stellar opportunities for your voice to be heard:

  • Church Council or Administrative Board: This team oversees the administration and ministry of the congregation. They initiate planning, set goals, implement action plans, and evaluate effectiveness for every ministry of the church. They also work with the staff-parish relations committee to identify and train the leaders within the church.  Ask your pastor if there are ways you can serve on a committee like this.
  • Education Council/Committee: The Education Council or committee makes programmatic decisions related to the curriculum and teachings offered in classes for all ages at the church. You can play a vital role in evaluating options for study and making recommendations about topics of interest that would appeal to your teen or young adult.
  • Youth Council: This team is typically made up of the youth director or leader, adults, and youth. They set goals and make planning decisions for youth ministry programming, including the yearly calendar of events, service projects, fundraisers, and trips. The Youth Council plays an important role in evaluating each component regularly so that the youth ministry functions with excellence.
  • Advocate wherever you are!  Do you participate in an adult Sunday school class?  Ask to study a book about calling. Do you serve on the Worship Committee?  Advocate for sermon series about call, or a time during worship for people to share their own call stories.


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