by Teryl Cartwright, instructor of the Timothy Circle mentor training

Most parents don’t have a lot of experience with a formal mentoring experience for their child.  Here are some things to keep in mind about what mentors are and aren’t.

Mentors: What They Are

  • An adult who has shown faith in practice and speech
  • A person who is called to connect and help others with their call
  • An individual looking to put your child’s needs first
  • A person who will pray for your child and be there to help answer your child’s questions
  • A person who partners with the Holy Spirit and others to build your child’s faith


Mentors: What They Aren’t

  • A new best friend for you to confide your concerns
  • A person who will report to you about your child or get your child to follow your rules
  • A counselor or therapist
  • A person who will judge or share what your child says
  • A person looking to impose their beliefs or values instead of helping your child discern their own


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