Organization Action Steps

With Young People

Tell the young people in your life what strengths you see in them

They might not know why they’re unique. Your comments could help them recognize the skills and abilities God has given them.

Share your own stories of calling

Tell others about your sense of ‘calling’.  How can young people know what a call from God looks and feels like unless they hear how other people have experienced a call from God?

At Your Events

When young people attend your events, tell them about the Timothy Circle website.

Young people can’t access all the call discernment resources available to them unless they know it’s available!  They might especially appreciate our online, interactive call discernment Trail Guide.

Plan to send something home for parents and churches of the youth who attend your event.

This could be information or conversation starters around what young people experienced at your event, ideas for how else churches, parents, or young people can connect with your organization in the future, or information about what else your organization offers.

Ask young people whether they have a mentor for their faith

Encourage them to identify one or two Christian adults who they admire and trust.  (Tip!  The Timothy Circle Mentor Training helps adults build skills and confidence in mentoring young people — tell adults around you about the training and tell young people they can send the adults they’d like to mentor them that direction.)

In Your Organization

Contact us about hosting a Timothy Circle Gathering in your area

We can provide all of the materials you need to draw together leaders from congregations, camps, and campus ministries in your area for a day of discussion and collaboration.  This a great network builder and strengthener!

Send a few of your own staff (or other adults who work with young people at your events) through a Timothy Circle online training

We offer a mentor training and several Culture of the Call trainings. All courses give concrete ideas for how to continue engaging with and supporting young people discerning their call.


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