Action Checklist for Parents

  • Think about your own faith and sense of ‘call’ and share it with your young adult.  They’ll appreciate hearing your perspective (even if they act like they don’t)!
  • Tell the young people in your life (your young adult, their friends, other young people in your church or community) the strengths you see in them. They might not know what’s unique about themselves. Your comments could help them recognize the skills and abilities God has given them.
  • Advocate with your pastor and youth worker for the topic of Call to be covered in sermons and in youth group.
  • If  you have a youth group in your church, you might volunteer to be a youth sponsor to help out.
  • Encourage your young adult to be a part of campus ministry at their college or university.
  • Reach out to the campus minister at your student’s college or university to let them know your child will be attending.  With your child’s permission, share their contact information so the campus minister can get in touch with them.
  • Make sure your 14-24 year old young adult knows about the Timothy Circle website and the things it can offer them.

Even more ideas…

  • Look around your church.  Does your church promote Christian summer camps?  Does your church provide scholarships to students to make it easier for them to attend?
  • Talk to your church worship committee about including times for both adults to talk about ways they have been called by God, and for youth to share about what God is doing in their lives, especially after mission trips, camp, and retreats.
  • Look around.  Are youth active in your worship service as ushers, greeters, scripture readers, and musicians? If not, work with your pastor and worship committee to make a plan for including them.
  • Ask your youth director if there are ways you can help recruit volunteers to be youth sponsors or Sunday school teachers.
  • Encourage people in your church to complete the Timothy Circle Culture of the Call course.  Especially consider youth workers, youth and young adult Sunday school teachers, and members of the education council.
  • Talk to young people at your church.  Do they feel included in the life and leadership of the church? If they name challenges, offer to help them take those concerns to the pastor or church leadership.


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