Connecting with other parents

Parenting a teenager and helping them discover God’s call in their life can be stressful and thrilling, all at the same time.  Knowing you are not alone is key in navigating this time with grace, and connecting with other parents of teens can be helpful and life-giving. Here are some ideas on developing a network of parents who are experiencing the same joys and challenges:

  • Attend a Sunday School class or Bible Study with adults who also are parenting teens and young adults
  • Join online groups of parents through Facebook or other social media venues
  • Participate in parent organizations at your child’s school
  • Connect with colleagues or coworkers who have similar-aged children
  • Locate a parents’ group in your neighborhood, or start one
  • Chat with parents around your teen’s sports events or other extra-curricular activities
  • Ask other parents for tips they’ve found helpful in communicating with their teens


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