Who’s with you?

Grab your trail journal and take a look back at your notes from Trail Marker 1 and how you rated the key relationships in your life. It’s okay if you didn’t rate all of them “Probably Supportive” or “Actively Supportive.”

This is also a good place to think about your friendships — some of your friends might not be a good fit for talking about call, and that’s okay. Which of your friends can support you on your journey? The best choice might be a friend who’s also working through the Trail Guide, but the main thing is that they really listen to you and don’t make you feel bad about yourself or your thoughts. Look for friends who won’t judge you for your thoughts or feelings and will be able to help you sort through them for the important insights.

Action Item:

Using the different relationship areas as starting places, make a list in your trail journal of all of the people in your life you would label either “Probably Supportive” or “Actively Supportive.”

Congrats!  You’ve just created a list of people you can reach out to if you need some help on this journey.  Take a picture of this list and keep it on your phone so you can refer to it when you need someone to talk to about your call journey.  Take a moment to add each of these people to your contacts in your phone, if they aren’t already there.

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