Communication & Conflict

We know that young people between 14 and 24 years old are making significant life decisions. If they are turning to Jesus, it is important to reflect on your own ability to trust Jesus as well. Our experience indicates that parents do best when they do not get in conflict with their child’s spiritual calling. Rather, the parent can play a crucial role as a supporter, mentor, and guide. Helping your child sort out options, feelings, and opportunities is hard work!  We can help.

From time to time, it is helpful for parents to check on their own expectations of which career path their children will take as they grow up. Perhaps you are expecting them to take over the family farm or other business. Maybe you hope they enter a specific profession or have a specific lifestyle. While difficult to do, we’ve found that it’s best for parents to turn their expectations over to God. Your child may go in a way you always hoped they would, but they also may not.  As parents, we should be in a place where we can celebrate whichever path they take.

Remember that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Listen twice as much as you speak, and enjoy the sacred time together with your teen.



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