Timothy Circle Trail Journals

The online Timothy Circle Trail Guide requires students to have a place to record their thoughts and notes as they work through the Trail.  Why not give them a special place to record their notes?

What it is:

The Trail Journal notebooks feature blank pages for young people to record their thoughts as they work along the trail.  With the link to the Trail Guide printed right on them, young people will always remember where to go to continue working along the Trail.

Accounts for young people on the website:

Call discernment isn’t secret information, but we’d like to conduct research on how young adults are using (and not using) the Trail Guide.  Good research data depends on young people consistently accessing the Trail Guide exercises digitally instead of via printed materials or one shared connection. Timothy Circle accounts are free — please direct young people to each sign up for an account of their own instead of printing off the online pages or sharing one account with friends or as a group.

Wonderful!  Where can I buy them?


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