What do you love doing?

Everyone has certain things that they just enjoy – things that fill them up and make them happy.

Action Item:

In your trail journal, write down all the things you love doing.  Leave 1-3 lines of space under each item.

When you start running out of ideas, go back over your list and add why you love doing these things.  Is it because you love the task itself? The goal? The location? Who you do it with?  Your role in it?  The emotions you feel when you do it?

As we talked about at Trail Marker 9, it’s important to re-center yourself often. Maybe your responses to that marker’s questions could help you answer these.  Or maybe some of your responses in this section could be added to your ‘rest and recovery’ plan that you started to develop at Marker 9. Go back and read your Marker 9 responses and add what feels right from your responses here at Marker 12.

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